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As a leading local web design firm and SEO Services provider, we work on our client’s behalf to grow their customer base through search engine optimization. We have been helping to increase the revenue and exposure of both local and national companies since 2009 by boosting website visibility in major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

We accomplish this is by assigning you with a dedicated web designer and by implementing a series of strategic changes to your web design which increases its topical relevance and broadens its online reach.

We assign you a dedicated web designer and implement a series of strategic changes to your web design to increase topical relevance and broaden your online reach.

We accompany these on-site changes with carefully crafted link acquisition and paid media campaigns which results in better web design and more qualified traffic to your website.

One of the Top 10 SEO Firms

  • Enleaf has been helping Spokane businesses grow since 2009.
  • Rate one of the Top 10 West Coast SEO Firms
  • Thumbtack.com has rated us the best Spokane web design companies 2 Years in a row
  • The International Business Times rated us as one of the top 10 Search Engine Optimization Firms.
  • Over a Decade of Web Development and Digital Marketing Experience
Responsive & SEO Friendly Website Design

SEO Services

Search engine optimization is a holistic process by which your web site is made more attractive to Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

This increases how well your web site ranks for particular search terms that your potential customers enter into the search engine when they browse the internet.

The higher you rank; the more people see your web site for the queries you’re targeting. That brings in more traffic, which leads to more leads and more sales.

How Does It Work

We start our campaigns with a complete audit of your web design, and find out what search term you are ranking for and which ones you aren’t. We’ll look at your site and see if there are technical issues that have to be resolved.

We’ll also examine the links that point to your web site elsewhere on the internet, and see if any need to be altered or removed. We’ll also find out what it is your business can get out of a marketing campaign. You may be best-suited for local search engine optimization improvements, driving more foot traffic, or may simply benefit most from more phone calls.

From there, we’ll walk you through the technical issues that need to be fixed, and outline what can be done to improve your sites on page optimization.

We can create unique, thrilling web site content that will delight your customers and help improve rankings and move people further into your sales funnel. We will cultivate your link profile, to ensure that your site is getting the traffic it deserves.

We will also get your site ready for mobile. In today’s world, optimizing mobile and for voice search is more important than ever. You cannot afford to neglect your site’s mobile performance. We’ll make sure you rank and are easily found by mobile customers as well as desktop.

Need data? You’ll get it. We will also provide as much data as you want, as a data-driven SEO services are at the core of how Enleaf does business. We will provide in-depth, custom analytics that will drill as deep as you want to prove where your spend is going.

Google Analytics
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The Effect of SEO On Your Website

Are you just getting started with website development or possibly you spent a lot of money for a site that looks good but that’s not attracting any real traffic? Unfortunately, we see this all too often and the sad reality is that even the best looking website is useless without traffic. That’s why all of our sites are built specifically with search engine optimization in mind. With every site we develop, we integrate conversion rate optimization (optimized for sales), on-page optimization and user experience and usability best practices.

Our websites codebase is always optimized for speed and for mobile responsiveness and we leverage customized analytics reporting in order to give you a complete picture of how your website is performing online. We do all this while maintaining a site that is aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly.

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What is the ROI

Return on Investment is what every business ultimately wants to see when hiring a search marketing agency. Whether you are looking to reach a national or global audience or simply needing help with your local SEO services, Enleaf has the experience to grow your business. Determining return on investment can vary from client to client but in most cases ROI is dependent upon the primary KPI you wish to achieve. For most, a return on investment is measured by the fulfillment of a specific goal defined in the research and discovery phase of your campaign. Goals that are normally associated with targeted traffic include, subscriptions, repeat visitors, email list opt-ins, converted customers and more. While results vary from client to client we have been able to achieve anywhere from 100% – 900% ROI for customers within the first 12 months of organic digital marketing.

The higher and more frequent your website ranks; the more people see your website for the queries you’re targeting. That brings in more traffic, which leads to more leads and more sales.

Marketing Analytics

How Long Does It Take

When doing digital marketing, there is no set destination. Of course, you want your content to rank on Google’s first page, but you will find that what you learn along the way is worth more than only a high search ranking. Even for beginners, you can start noticing results in just a few months. If you implement search engine optimization properly, you can see some impressive results in about 3 or 4 months. Furthermore, the results you get after a year of implementation of national or local SEO services will crush what you had at 3 months. This is all for nothing if you don’t put in work though. It takes days, upon weeks, upon months of dedicated time if you want to see massive results.

If you are like most you are already extremely busy running the day to day and handing the ins and outs of your business. Dedicating the time required to develop your sites marketing and improving your on page search engine optimization may just not be an option. This where our experts can help. Our specialist can help oversee your site’s optimization and keep your site ranking high. You don’t have to do months of grueling research and testing to figure out how local seo services work. Help from our specialist can get your site to rank higher and faster. How long it takes varies but having an expert taking care of day to day operations definitely speeds it up.

How Much Do Your Local SEO Services Cost

Can you get SEO done cheaply? Sure there are some barging basement internet marketing companies out there but this doesn’t mean cheap is good. So how much do our local SEO services cost? A lot of our customers come to us after getting burned by low-budget marketing companies selling cookie-cutter services that end up causing more harm then good. No business is the same so we do price our services based on your business’s target niche, online authority, and how fast you want to see results.

If another SEO service seems too cheap, then chances are they won’t be able to get the results you are looking for and will have wasted both time and money. Across the industry reputable local SEO services typically cost anywhere from $1000 to $10,000 a month. Ultimately the price you pay for SEO should correlate to how competitive you want to be along with how valuable your cost per customer acquisition is. High-end businesses looking to be competitive will often pay upwards of $6,000 a month for SEO. Meanwhile, small companies can get away with paying much less for SEO services, especially if they are only looking for exclusively local SEO services or targeting a niche with limited competition. No matter what, here at Enleaf when evaluating pricing the business’s needs are always taken into consideration before a price is formulated.


Web Design & Marketing Services:

Branding & Design

Branding and design are increasingly more important to clients using the Internet to find services. A design that stands out defines your business. A beautiful website is a great place to start in this branding process.

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Quality website design is more important than ever since 80% of the world’s population is now online. Having a poorly built website or no website at all can mean the difference between business failure and business success.

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If you want new customers then you cannot overlook Internet marketing. Dollar for Dollar it is the best way to advertise your business. Traditional marketing rarely gets you the quality of leads and ROI that digital marketing can provide.

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Responsive Design means your site will work on any device or browser.

Responsive mobile-friendly website design responds to and adapts to a user’s device. Whether that user is on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer a site that is responsive will adapt its look design, and interface to maximize usability. To date, 58% of America’s Internet users are choosing tablets or smartphones as their primary browsing device. If your site is not yet mobile-friendly you are likely losing valuable business.

Mobile Responsive Design

Our 3-Tier Web Development Process

Spokane Web Design and SEO

Enleaf has been offering Spokane web design and local seo services since 2009. We are centrally located in downtown Spokane with satellite co-working offices in Coeur D’alene Idaho. While our initial client base started out and continues to be in our own backyard, we have had the privilege of working with companies that operate all over the globe. We service small businesses and large companies and can develop any website, including e-commerce and custom website solutions. We service small businesses and large companies and can develop any website, including e-commerce and custom website solutions. We have an impeccable client retention rate, with customers who are more like extended family.

Our Accolades
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Our customized analytics reports provide you with a detailed overview of how your site is performing online. With every step we take, you will be able to see how our services result in more sales and new customers growth.

What’s Included in Our Reporting Dashboard

We will show you how to monitor all of this on your own as well.

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Behind the Scenes

Director of Operations


Director of Operations

Design 60%
Development 70%
SEO 95%
Project Mgmt 90%



Content Marketing Director

Creative Writing 95%
Content Editing 95%
SEO 50%
Research 50%

Software Development Lead


Software Development Lead

Software Development 95%
Design 93%
Marketing 50%
Project Mgmt 90%

Content Marketing Manager


Content Marketing Manager

Creative Writing 90%
Content Editing 95%
Office Admin 75%
Research 50%

Social Media Marketing Analyst


Social Media Marketing Analyst

Social Media Marketing 90%
Design 20%
SEO 50%
Creative 80%

Creative Assistant


Creative Assistant

Account Management 90%
Business Development 85%
Office Admin 25%
Project Management 50%

a collaborative spirit

Here at Enleaf, we pride ourselves on maintaining a collaborative spirit. We regularly interface with some of the web’s most recognized companies in order to stay ahead of the curve. We feel that learning is an investment both in ourselves as well as in our customers. This is why we have traveled both domestically and internationally in order to interface with companies like Google, Twitter, Baidu, and others. We learn from the best in order to deliver a premium product to our customers. The knowledge we gain through these relationships and training events is rolled back into each and every project that we do so our customers are left with a premium product.