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Website Grade Report Gives You A Mini SEO Audit For FREE

If you’re going to invest in web services, the Enleaf Website Grader is a great place to start as it’s like a mini SEO audit absolutely free!

That’s typically exactly where a local SEO company will start, with an audit of your website. An SEO audit looks at every aspect of your site from the ground up in terms of what matters for search engine optimization.

Instant SEO audit

An SEO audit looks at your site content, keyword usage and rankings, backlink profile as well as the underpinnings of how your website was built as many technical details matter as well. Enleaf’s free website grader tool will give you a good idea of what an in-depth SEO audit will look like for your site.

Site Analysis

You’ll see the basics of what your site is doing and what can be done to get your site ranking and bringing in the traffic that you’re losing to competitors.

What Will I See From Enleaf’s Website Grade Report?

Free Website Audit

We will give you a good snapshot with your free Website Grade report of what your site is doing right now, and how it stacks up against a well-optimized website. In short, you’ll have an idea of just how much work there is to do in order to rank your site well.

An Enleaf Website Grade report includes the following:

Page Speed Score, an analysis of how fast your site loads as well as all the individual pages on your website. Page Authority Grade, or an analysis of how much authority your individual site pages are assigned by Google and other search engines. Domain Authority Grade, an assessment of how much weight your site as a whole is assigned by Google and other search engines. Keyword Consistency Overview, or how well your keywords are used throughout your entire site.


Free Moz Rank Score

Why Should I Get An Enleaf Website Grader Report? 

Each of the items contained in your free Enleaf Website Grader Report matters a great deal in terms of your site’s performance. It also matters in terms of search engine optimization, as these areas would also be addressed by an SEO audit.

Free Website Analysis

Page speed is very important, as how fast your site loads impact your rankings. User experience is something that Google takes seriously and nothing turns people off more than a slow-loading site. Our mobile website grader looks at your overall mobile speed to ensure that your website is mobile friendly and loads quickly. This is doubly important since mobile performance is now a critical ranking factor.

Domain and Page Authority

Domain and page authority tell you how much authority is assigned to your individual pages as well as your site as a whole by the search engines. A site or a page that they don’t deem to have any value won’t rank very well.

Keyword usage is a vital aspect of SEO, as your use of keywords practically determines your rankings overall. Why would a website rank for a keyword if that word barely appears on the site.

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Why wait? You don’t have a thing to lose and it is totally free! Get your free Website Grade Report by filling out the form. We’ll give you an idea of how your site stacks up…and tell you where we can go from here.


Ready To Take things to the next Level?

If you think an SEO campaign with Enleaf is what your business needs, then contact us for a free SEO audit! We’ll have a look at your site, make contact and discuss where your site is at and where it could go. Enleaf’s SEO professionals won’t promise you the moon, as no provider ever should, but instead will give you a realistic assessment of what can be done with your website. We hire dedicated professionals that can and do deliver real results on a regular basis, so you will know what you can expect.

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Awards and Honors For Enleaf

Here at Enleaf we pride ourselves on maintaining a collaborative spirit. We regularly interface with some of the webs most recognized companies in-order to stay ahead of the curve. We feel that learning is an investment both in ourselves as well as in our customers. This is why we have traveled both domestically and internationally in-order interface with companies like, Google, Twitter, Baidu, and others. We learn from the best in order to deliver a premium product to our customers. The knowledge we gain through these relationships and training events is rolled back into each and every project that we do so our customers are left with a premium product.

Our Experience
  • SMX 2011 International Search Summit (http://www.internationals)
  • Elevate 2012 (
  • Managing People and Operations for Profit – North Idaho College – 2014 (
  • Marketing Strategy for Profit – North Idaho College – 2014 (
  • Yext Certification Program – 2014 (
  • SMX West 2016 (
  • SMX Advanced 2016 (
  • International SEO Experience – We did a project in China that involved touring Baidu (The Google of China)

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